Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Whately Family
Some monsters start as human

Start of Play – May 5th, 1880

End of Play – May 13th, 1880

The Black Blimp
Local Apocalypse Now

Start of Play – May 4th, 1880

End of Play – May 5th, 1880

The Union Comes to Shannonsberg
Everyone needs a break sometime.

Start of Play – April 30rd, 1880

  • With Blood Rune locations in possession, and war coming to Shan Fan, posse decides to head South to try and avoid possible complications
  • At request from Lacy O’Malley group travels to Shannonsberg to investigate possibility of Andrew Lane – a union official – coming to Confederate territory
  • On the way down, stopover made in Dragon’s Breath to sell Trevor’s stolen goods from Shan Fan
  • Dr. Lee and Augustus Klein III negotiate the sale surreptitiously, but notice a lot of military activity in the town
  • Completion of journey to Shannonsberg. Asking around town reveals rumours of a few outsiders, but nothing concrete.
  • Hank Sanders takes opportunity to have a doctor amputate his ghost-rock powered arm, as he believes it is an abomination
  • Fergus O’Brannigan challenged to a fight by a Chinese kung-fu master. Fergus wins the brawl, and is recruited by Red Petals Su as a replacement body guard
  • Augustus finds rumours that Black River railway personnel are also spotted in town
  • Fergus sends a telegram to Dr. Vanessa Hellstromme informing them of their location on a hunch, receives a return messages saying leave town immediately.
  • Everyone panics.

End of Play – May 4th, 1880th
h2. Time to Church Gathering – 110 Days

Science and Magic Don't Mix
Meeting with the foremost entry on Blood Runes

Start of Play – April 22, 1880

  • Decision made to leave Shan Fan to avoid Triad civil war. Meeting set up with Dr. Grover Blackburn who has been investigating blood runes
  • Travel to Blackburn’s research site happens without incident, surprising all.
  • Large hole excavated into the ground, powered by a loud, ghost rock generator guarded by one almost-deaf man.
  • Dr. Blackburn inside, warmly greets party, shows them to the Blood Rune that he has been experimenting on with his own blood.
  • Demonstrates “superstitious belief” by sarcastically asking Blood Rune to kill him – it nearly does, but Augustus Klein III demands it stops.
  • More debate over Blood Rune leads to second example when Blackburn makes the rune try to kill Augustus – which it does.
  • Dr. Lee and Trevor placate the Rune again, leading to a lot of anger at Dr. Blackburn
  • Augustus orders the rune to kill Dr. Blackburn – which it does by sucking the air out of his lungs. Everyone feels terrible.
  • Guard enters cave, but is knocked out by Hank Sanders and Fergus O’Brannigan
  • Trevor commands rune to possess body of guard, they have a conversation where the Rune swears vengeance at the party having made it take a life.
  • Hank asks the Rune to bring Blackburn back to life – which it does.
  • In an attempt to placate them, the posse destroys the rune, then Hank re-draws it in his own blood – costing him a part of his own vitality in the process.
  • To prevent Blackburn from further experimentations, Dr. Lee uses Mad Science to seal the cave, and then create a new one which the posse re-decorates to look like the original dig and blame the whole thing on ghost rock madness.
  • Dr. Blackburn’s journal retrieved, revealing the location of three more Blood Runes.

End of Play – April 30, 1880
h2. Time to Church Gathering – 115 Days

The Island of Ghost's Tears
What would you expect from an island like that?

Start of Play – April 21, 1880

  • Party gathers information and supplies to journey to the Isle of Ghost’s Tears, in search of a Blood Rune.
  • Big Ears Tam informs posse that the island was to be home to a palatial retreat for him, before mysterious deaths of his workers stopped that plan. He hired exorcists and sends disloyal minions there, none have returned
  • Group loads up on salt and other ghost-banishing materials at Augustus Klein’s recommendation
  • Early the next morning, group lands very close to a cave on the island. Dr. Lee believes she can hear singing, the rest of the group cannot
  • Posse meets Genjia, an exorcist who claims to be able to repel ghosts that emerge at night. Dr. Lee notices odd arcane flashes from birds
  • Group travels to pagoda at the centre of the island. Trevor first notices spectral shape of woman in the middle of the first floor, none can hear.
  • Fergus suggests burning down the pagoda, and a rock barely misses his head from outside. He retreats.
  • Augustus carefully ventures to the second floor to find a long-dead woman lying there, but is attacked upon trying to investigate
  • Group returns to Genjia’s cave, and Fergus attempts to swim through a pool at the back to find the rune. He is successful, but also finds ghosts who try to kill him.
  • Posse splits. Augustus, Hank Sanders and Genjia go to fight ghosts. Trevor, Dr Lee and Fergus try to swim to the Rune during the distraction.
  • Genjia quickly overcome by ghosts. Augustus and Hank fight them off with ghost rock and prayer bullets, but the woman from the pagoda awakens and fights them.
  • Genjia revives during the fight, and swallows the soul of the woman. He then fights Hank and Augustus, but is defeated.
  • Ghosts fade from the island, the Rune infiltration group are successful.

End of Play – April 22, 1880

Time to Church Gathering – 123 Days

The Secret of Dragonhold
There are other heroes in the Maze...
A More Civilized Type of War
A Chinese Gang War is What We Need Now

Start of Play – April 11, 1880

End of Play – April 20, 1880
Time to Church Gathering: 125 Days

How to Make Friends and Murder Enemies
One down, twelve to go...

Start of Play – April 7, 1880

  • Dr. Lee attempts to heal automaton. Somehow that “science” repairs the “robot”
  • Hank successfully reconnects automaton’s voice box. Identifies himself as father, who thought he had been “wounded” in an accident
  • Hellstromme convoy spotted off in the distance, likely to try and reclaim missing property
  • Trevor sets ambush, while Augustus goes out to negotiate with Hellstromme
  • Leveraging past work with Hellstromme, collection agency dissuaded from search.
  • Automaton left behind, blood rune claimed by Fergus.
  • Return to Shan Fan for shopping, investigation into further runes.
  • Ambush plotted by Andrea Baird ensares Augusts, Trevor and Hank.
  • Group survives, but Hank critically wounded and fight draws attention of the Shan Fan Triad, who arrest the group and take them to see Big Ears Tam

End of Play – April 11, 1880
Time to Church Gathering: 134 Days

Hunting for Blood Runes
With the scope raised, a mission of destruction must change...

Start of Play – March 31st, 1880

  • Recap made to the leaders of the New Tomorrow Triad regarding the truth of Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, and the quest to reclaim the Blood Runes
  • Elders promise to investigate. Mention the city of Dragonstone, where a tame Maze Dragon can be found, possibly related to the Dragon rune
  • Return trip made to Shan Fan to check in with Explorer’s Society
  • Island nearby Shan Fan matches the vision given to them earlier, another Rune suspected to be there.
  • Rutherford Ellington Dillenger has also located two more Runes from the Explorer’s Society, and that the island is owned by Big Ears Tam who punishes trespassers
  • Dillinger also gives a telegram from Lacy O’Malley that Andrea Baird has taken Guardian Angels on a trip North.
  • Rune to the East of Shan Fan sought as it is the closest to their location. Edgar Thornby re-hired to escort them to search the area.
  • Team splits into two. Contacts two ranches, the Conway and the Hester ranches.
  • Hank Sanders and Trevor locate a crashed train in the middle of the desert that the group decides to investigate the next day
  • At night, Fergus O’Brannigan and Dr. Lee successfully help to fight off a group of Gyonshee – Chinese vampires
  • In the morning, the train is a crashed, experimental Wasatch train, with Black River operatives lying dead nearby. Other than the dead conductor, no other Wasatch personnel found
  • Tracks found leading away to another group of dead Witches. Augustus Klein III finds indication of a collapse into a fissure – a likely hiding spot for a Rune
  • Daniel Conway found spying on them nearby. Afraid they’re going to take his injured father away from them. Half of group goes to talk to father, other half goes into cave.
  • Fergus and Hank descend into the Cave to find the Rune of Soul buried under the ground
  • Remainder of the group meet Daniel’s father – a Hellstromme Automaton that seems to be acting as if it was once alive…

End of Play – April 7th, 1880

Time to Church Gathering: 138 Days

The Birth of Reverend Grimme
The Rattlesnakes are defeated, and the past is exposed.

Start of play – March 29, 1880

  • Papa Rattlesnake defeated after a large battle, involving many snake shaped enemies and puns
  • Cold Burning Shadow killed after trying to kill Born in a Bowl
  • Doctor Lee and Hank Sanders manage to stabilize Born in a Bowl
  • Upon returning to Necessity Alliance, Born in a Bowl prepares a vision quest to contact the spirit of her sister
  • Spirit Quest accepted by all, taken back to pre-Great Quake California, inside of Grimme’s church in then-standing Los Angeles
  • Group immediately experiences the Great Quake, sending them into the ocean
  • Relive a few days of starvation, Reverend Grimme attempts to keep group from descending into cannibalism to survive
  • War breaks out between faithful and unfaithful. In the end the 13 Elders who are pro-cannibalism and Grimme, who remains opposed, survive
  • Elders eat Grimme, then most of the other survivors.
  • Elders sleep, and are awoken by Famine, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse who turn them into her Servitors – chosen agents on this plane of existance
  • Famine resurrects Grimme as a vessel for the Elders’ souls, as long as he lives they cannot truly die, and as long as they live he is immortal.
  • Famine uses the dying energy of the remaining souls to seed the land with Ghost Rock, to draw people to this place
  • Vision ends. Sees Far Ahead informs them that the Blood Runes are bindings on Earth spirits, and if claimed they will seek vengeance on Grimme.
  • Group returns to present day, terrified.

End of play – March 31, 1880


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