Deadlands - Divided States of America

Bullets and Ballots

This is the stupidest democracy yet!

Start of Play – January 22, 1880

  • Notice that Augustus Klein III and Hank Sanders had been elected to the Mayor and Marshall of Perdition respectively.
  • Travel to Perdition to determine cause of election. First meeting with Fergus O’Brannigan
  • Group leaves to investigate town. Dr. Lee refuses to indulge any government business and stays at local Inn
  • Fight broken up between drunken card cheats by Hank and Trevor
  • Augustus and Fergus meet with Luke Watson and Granville Kurtz. Decide to support former, as latter is a garbage fire
  • Vanessa Hellstromme indicates she doesn’t care who wins as long as the town meets its Ghost Rock queries for her. Also indicates she still doesn’t like Ezekiah Grimme
  • Late night intimidation attempt by Kurze’s men broken up through stare-down. And violence.
  • Election overseen, out-of-town voters thrown out by Hank
  • Luke Watson elected Mayor, Kurtz swears vengeance
  • Posse swiftly flees when asked to stay on to oversee election of new Marshall.

End of Play – February 10, 1880


Erathia Erathia

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