Deadlands - Divided States of America

Out With a BOOM!

The phrase "Lesser of Two Evils" gets thrown around a lot these days...

They wander about for food and howl if not satisfied.
–Psalm 59:15

Star of Play – December 17, 1879

The Great Rail Wars Are Over!

The Good Intentions proceeded along the Wasatch tracks towards Lost Angels and the conclusion of the Rail Wars, but not without incident. A group of Iron Dragon forces were sent out to oppose them, both by steamcar and autogyro. Doctor Vanessa Hellstromme was markedly unconcerned by these events, trusting in her train’s defenses. Nonetheless, the posse of Augustus Klein III, Content Not Found: doctor-grady-gard, Hank Sanders, and Trevor leapt to action, bravely fighting off the Chinese martial artists that tried to board the train, though not an ill-timed leap leading them off the train, and the steam cars, but towards the ground.

Salvation came in the form of the Hellstromme Automated Recovery Passenger System, a small angel-like automaton which swooped down to retrieve the fallen members, and the attack was fought off. Dr. Hellstrome was quite effusive with praise, while Lacy O’Malley queried them for their version of events. Soon enough though, the train arrived in Lost Angels, and they were greeted by resistance from Ezekiah Grimme and all remaining Rail Barons. Hellstromme asked her new friends to leave to not be caught up in the fight, but before she could get farther a shot from Dixie Rails hit her in the chest and she went down. Hostilities commenced, and as the posse retreated Hank attempted to pull Doctor Hellstromme to safety, only to be waived off as she said she was uninjured and her place was here.

Chilling Secrets of Lost Angels!

Fleeing the battle, Lacy O’Malley asked for the group’s help finding his friend Sam Hellman who hadn’t been heard from in some time. Offering no reward the group agreed – though Doc Lee had reservations. They snuck into the city without too much issue They were forced to avoid packs of Grimme’s enforcers – the Guardian Angels – as they went through the city, and found evidence people seemed to be starving in its streets.

Finding Sam’s room, it seemed neat and abandoned as if no one had ever been in there. Sadly they noticed the receptionist had sold them out, and they were forced to flee without being able to search for clues. Trying to leave the city, they moved to dodge a pack of wounded Lost Angels militia coming back into the city. Watching as a group of Guardian Angels descended on them, the militia asked for help, only to be viciously beaten by the Angels themselves.

Unwilling to stomach this, Hank roared from his hiding place, mocked the Angels, and turned to run for it. Sister Andrea Baird immediately gave chase, and as the rest of the Angels recovered from their shock, the rest of the group opened fire. Though Trevor was the only true combatant among them, the surprise and ranged weapons they had gave them the advantage, and they managed to slay the Angels – though it was a close call for Doc Lee!

Having given Sister Baird the slip, Hank returned, rescued one soldier and rejoined his friend. Sadly the fight had drawn more Angels to the area, As they prepared to run, a mysterious figure in the roofs jetpacked away, luring the Guardian Angels away from them. They managed to quit the city, and the figure met up with them to introduce himself – Luke Pitt of Union Blue. He had been sent in to spy on Wasatch agents, and was thoroughly disgusted with the living conditions of Lost Angels.

A New Age

The posse thanked him for his intervention, but before he could get too deep into what he witnessed, a trio of unmarked blimps were spotted heading towards the battlefield. Luke jetted off to fight them, warning the group of Grimme’s apparently supernatural powers, and the town’s equal part devotion and fear towards him. Making their way towards the Wasatch camp, Lacy was in a fury over what he had seen, and vowed that all countries had to hear of Grimme’s atrocities, and at least Hellstromme was not as bad as Grimme.

Then the blimps dropped their bombs.

Three gigantic clouds shaped equally like mushrooms and skulls roared over the battlefield. Lacy, Hank and Trevor were knocked out by the shock of it. Doctor Lee stayed upright, and witnessed what seemed to be the screams of ghost rock, but they were drowned out by laughter from a source he couldn’t see. Only Augustus kept his composure to look up into the sky and see two gigantic figures illuminated by the light – a woman thin to the point of being skeletal and ragged, screaming at a disease-riddled figure who was laughing in the light.

And then the vision passed, and all that was left… was death.

End of Play – December 19, 1879


Erathia Erathia

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