Deadlands - Divided States of America

Science and Magic Don't Mix

Meeting with the foremost entry on Blood Runes

Start of Play – April 22, 1880

  • Decision made to leave Shan Fan to avoid Triad civil war. Meeting set up with Dr. Grover Blackburn who has been investigating blood runes
  • Travel to Blackburn’s research site happens without incident, surprising all.
  • Large hole excavated into the ground, powered by a loud, ghost rock generator guarded by one almost-deaf man.
  • Dr. Blackburn inside, warmly greets party, shows them to the Blood Rune that he has been experimenting on with his own blood.
  • Demonstrates “superstitious belief” by sarcastically asking Blood Rune to kill him – it nearly does, but Augustus Klein III demands it stops.
  • More debate over Blood Rune leads to second example when Blackburn makes the rune try to kill Augustus – which it does.
  • Dr. Lee and Trevor placate the Rune again, leading to a lot of anger at Dr. Blackburn
  • Augustus orders the rune to kill Dr. Blackburn – which it does by sucking the air out of his lungs. Everyone feels terrible.
  • Guard enters cave, but is knocked out by Hank Sanders and Fergus O’Brannigan
  • Trevor commands rune to possess body of guard, they have a conversation where the Rune swears vengeance at the party having made it take a life.
  • Hank asks the Rune to bring Blackburn back to life – which it does.
  • In an attempt to placate them, the posse destroys the rune, then Hank re-draws it in his own blood – costing him a part of his own vitality in the process.
  • To prevent Blackburn from further experimentations, Dr. Lee uses Mad Science to seal the cave, and then create a new one which the posse re-decorates to look like the original dig and blame the whole thing on ghost rock madness.
  • Dr. Blackburn’s journal retrieved, revealing the location of three more Blood Runes.

End of Play – April 30, 1880
h2. Time to Church Gathering – 115 Days


Erathia Erathia

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