Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Blood Red Woods

This is why people hate the outdoors

Start of Play – February 18, 1880

  • Party bids farewell to Lacy O’Malley, who gets them passage to Kwan Province for rehabilitation of Job Hogleg Dunston and Sam Hellman.
  • Journey to Silent Summit uneventful, but coach forbidden from moving any further. Dr. Lee indicates that there is a breakdown in immigration process.
  • Investigation by Augustus Klein III and Trevor finds that governor is missing from settlement
  • Fergus O’Brannigan learns that Warlord Kwan deals with intruders very harshly on his lands, and has been actively hiring new merecenaries.
  • Hank Sanders gets himself hired as a lumberjack. Lots of job openings apparently.
  • Posse, minus Dr. Lee, heads out to the woods to look for missing lumberjacks. Discover abandoned, barricaded cabin.
  • Cabin infiltrated via ceiling. All barricades still intact, but weapons thrown about and some blood on floor.
  • Unfinished basement has heavily churned soil, but no sign of bodies after Trevor and Hank dig.
  • Augustus discovers a petroglyph drawn in one of the miner’s diaries, runs outside to look for rock formation, attacked by tree roots.
  • Posse chases after injured tree roots which appear to be leaking blood. Discover giant, blood red oak tree.
  • Tree ambushes party, fight ensues. Governor’s group discovered to be alive. Augustus puts down tree which bursts into blood and rotted flesh.
  • Missing lumberjacks discovered buried, with saplings growing out of their chests.
  • Tree Petroglyph discovered in crevasse under giant tree and destroyed
  • Group allowed to pass through, meet Emperor Joshua Norton I and Warlord Kwan. Emperor Norton begins singing about Noah and the Flood.

End of Play – March 1, 1880


Erathia Erathia

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