Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Heart of Darkness

A group rolls into Lost Angels, as pebbles precede an avalanche...

Start of Play – October 27, 1876

  • Four troubleshooters hired by Vanessa Hellstromme enter Lost Angels in search of the Heart of Darkness – Cedric J. Northington, Marcus Kraus, Nikita Williams, and Roy Barker
  • Doc Snead, the man who stole it, tracked down but had already sold the diamond to a man named Stone
  • Two days ago, Stone had been confronted by Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, and hauled away to The Rock for interrogation
  • Doc Snead sought out, found drinking his problems away in a bar. Hired goons attempted to protect him, failed miserably.
  • Snead admitted to selling out Stone, and that Grimme wanted and now, presumably, possesses the Heart of Darkness
  • A friend of Stone’s named Old Pete offers to help steal back the Heart of Darkness if the party will break Stone out of prison
  • Investigations into Old Pete reveal that he hasn’t been seen prior to today, but he shows himself to be a capable thief.
  • Old Pete under cover of a suspiciously convenient fog ferries them to The Rock so they can infiltrate via a drainage pipe. Provides them with a key to Stone’s cell, and a uniform to show him for identification.
  • Upon entry, party confronted by mad scientist who manipulates electricity to nearly kill party. Taken out by Marcus and Roy.
  • Infiltration of Rock begins.

End of Play – October 28, 1876


Erathia Erathia

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