Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Union Comes to Shannonsberg

Everyone needs a break sometime.

Start of Play – April 30rd, 1880

  • With Blood Rune locations in possession, and war coming to Shan Fan, posse decides to head South to try and avoid possible complications
  • At request from Lacy O’Malley group travels to Shannonsberg to investigate possibility of Andrew Lane – a union official – coming to Confederate territory
  • On the way down, stopover made in Dragon’s Breath to sell Trevor’s stolen goods from Shan Fan
  • Dr. Lee and Augustus Klein III negotiate the sale surreptitiously, but notice a lot of military activity in the town
  • Completion of journey to Shannonsberg. Asking around town reveals rumours of a few outsiders, but nothing concrete.
  • Hank Sanders takes opportunity to have a doctor amputate his ghost-rock powered arm, as he believes it is an abomination
  • Fergus O’Brannigan challenged to a fight by a Chinese kung-fu master. Fergus wins the brawl, and is recruited by Red Petals Su as a replacement body guard
  • Augustus finds rumours that Black River railway personnel are also spotted in town
  • Fergus sends a telegram to Dr. Vanessa Hellstromme informing them of their location on a hunch, receives a return messages saying leave town immediately.
  • Everyone panics.

End of Play – May 4th, 1880th
h2. Time to Church Gathering – 110 Days


Erathia Erathia

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