Andrea Baird

Leader of the Guardian Angels, and Grimme's right-hand


Andrea Baird is one of Grimme’s 13 Elders, and the leader of the Guardian Angels inside of Lost Angels. She is absolutely resolute in upholding the laws of Reverend Grimme, and imposes the harshest order on every resident of the city.

She is known to be responsible for carrying away the dead and wounded alike, though her exact motivations are unknown. She was revealed to be one of the 13 Elders of the church, and was killed by Trevor, whereupon her body burst into ash.

Her backstory, like all of the 13 Elders, dates back to the Great Quake when she and her fellow survivors made a deal with Famine – the literal horseman. Famine granted them immortality as long as they pledged to serve her, and placed her soul inside a body shaped to look like Reverend Ezekiah Grimme. Though Grimme speaks with the voice of all Elders, Andrea is their nominal leader otherwise.


Campaign Interaction

Out With a BOOM!

  • Encountered leading a cart of dead and dying through the city, and attacked some Grimme soldiers under the premise they were breaking curfew.
  • Chased Hank Sanders through the city, but lost him in its turns.

Andrea Baird

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