Emperor Joshua Norton I

Emperor of all west of the Mountains


Joshua Norton had come to California back in the Gold Rush days with a fortune to invest in import brokerage and property. He did very well for himself, but in 1853, he took a phenomenal risk. Seeing the tide of Chinese immigrants to San Francisco, he decided to make a killing in rice. He invested everything he had in a big shipment from China. Unfortunately, just as his ship was arriving, a competitor’s showed up as well. The price of rice plummeted, and Norton was ruined. He disappeared for a few years and came back cracked in the head.

Norton styled himself as the Emperor of America and Protector of Mexico. He strutted about in a bright-blue Napoleonic uniform decked out with phony medals. He wore an outlandish beaver hat decorated with feathers. Some of the good people of Shan Fan avoided him; others thought of him as a figure of fun and merriment. He made his living “taking donations” in Red Lantern Town. Kwan was thunderstruck when he laid eyes on Norton. It isn’t known why Kwan decided to make this man the Emperor of his Province. Whether trough true belief or as a pasty on the part of Warlord Kwan, Norton serves as the leader of that nation.


Emperor Joshua Norton I

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