Reverend Ezekiah Grimme

The charismatic and blessed leader of Lost Angels


Reverend Ezekiah Grimme is a legendary figure in the Weird West. One of the few survivors of the great Quake, he emerged from the rubble proclaiming this was a test from the Lord, and he rallied many of the survivors to him leading to the founding of the city of Lost Angels.

Fervently opposed to the Rail Wars, his missionaries preached against all of the great rail companies, and he swore that no railroad would ever connect to Lost Angels. He was proven wrong when Vanessa Hellstromme connected her great rail line to Lost Angels and defeated both Grimme and her opposing rail barons at the Battle of Lost Angels.

The Reverend Grimme has formally declared Lost Angels an independent city, making him the complete ruler of the city. He enforces order through his army of so-called Guardian Angels, though many say he commands real angels summoned down by the Lord to aid him in his endeavours.

Through a vision quest, it was revealed that the true Reverend Grimme died in the Great Quake. The one that now reigns over Lost Angels is a puppet put together by Famine, and it bears the souls of the 13 Elders which guide his action. As long as the Elders live, Grimme is completely invincible.


Reverend Ezekiah Grimme

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