Ike Murray

The corrupted former hero of Shanty Town


In life, Ironman Ike Murray was a champion of the poor in Lost Angels, and a constant thorn in the side of Ezekiah Grimme. In the Battle of Lost Angels, Shanty Town was hit by an errant Ghost Rock Bomb, and the town – with Ike in it – was incinerated.

He survived in a parody of life, and festered in his hatred and rage towards his situation. Though he had apparently attempted to fight Grimme, he was always driven back into the re-named Ghost Town. He later attempted to steal the children from Perdition in an effort to “protect” them from Grimme, apparently uncaring that they would die in Ghost Town.

He was nearly swayed by direct emotional appeals to allow the children to go free, but seemed to succumb to madness and fought the posse in his saloon. Incredibly tough, he was nonetheless narrowly defeated, and his body laid to rest.


Ike Murray

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