Jasper Stone

The Grim Servitor of Death


Jasper Stone is so mean Hell wouldn’t take him. He found that out when he was shot in
the back by his own troops at Gettysburg. Fortunately for him, the Reckoning was just taking hold and he popped right back up Harrowed. He’s rumoured to be the first person to die during the Reckoning, and Death claimed him as his Servitor – a chosen minion on Earth to hunt down and kill anyone who would oppose the Reckoners.

In 1876 he fought a battle with Reverend Ezekiah Grimme which he lost and he was imprisoned in The Rock. A man named Old Pete called upon four troubleshooters from Deseret. Since then, he has cut a ruinous path across the West, killing any hero who gets to be too big a thorn in the side of the forces of darkness.


Jasper Stone

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