Lacy O'Malley

Pluckiest reporter in the Weird West


Lacy O’Malley was born in Ireland, raised in New York City with his sister Stacy O’Malley, and became a journalist in Chicago. He’s a relative newcomer to the Weird West, arriving in the cold winter of 1875 before settling in Tombstone, Arizona the following year and becoming the Epitaph’s most famous reporter. He spends little time there though, instead choosing to travel the West to verify the strange stories he’s come to be renowned for.

He is also a member of the Explorers Society, and from the positive effect the survivors of the Hellbore had on them, he recommended all four head to Shan Fan in order to join the Society themselves, while he remained in Lost Angels to investigate things there.


Campaign Interaction

The Hellbore

  • Appeared to chronicle the emergence of the Hellbore into California

Out With a BOOM!

  • Witnessed the onset of the Battle of Lost Angels
  • Led the posse in search of his friend, Sam Hellman, in Lost Angels
  • Witnessed the Ghostfire Bombs

Lacy O'Malley

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