Long-Haired Tony

Whittling Marshall of Shan Fan


Born with the name Wong Chau Sang he goes by the name Tony for the ease of everyone in Shan Fan. As a first generation Chinese-American, he is fluent in both English, at least the Maze’s version of it, as well as Cantonese.

The fact that he’s the sheriff of a city run entirely by triads does not dissuade him from taking his job seriously. The triad bosses have given him leave to dispense out justice as he sees fit, often filling the role of judge, jury, and executioner on the streets. He prides himself on his fair judgement, taking in as many facts as possible before serving up justice. He’s aware that his city is run by a criminal enterprise, but as long as the people refuse to testify against any one, he’s unwilling to take any action from it.

He’s a big fan of whittling.


Long-Haired Tony

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