Vanessa Hellstromme

The greatest scientist of the age


Vanessa Hellstromme was born in 1824 to poor London laborers. She went to work in her uncle’s factory and discovered her knack for ‘improving’ machinery there, and that uncle sent her to Sandhurst Military Academy. It was while Vanessa was at Sandhurst that he met her future husband, Darius.

Her uncle purchased her a commission in Her Majesty’s Royal Engineers and she was sent to the colony of India, where her life took the turn that would shape the history of the world. Darius was mortally wounded by rebellious Sikhs, and she swore that she would use new Science to make the world a better place.

The preeminent researcher of Ghost Rock, she is the head of Wasatch Railways, and a prominent force throughout the Weird West. Following the conclusion of the Battle of Lost Angels, she was awarded a lucrative Ghost Rock contract with the CSA, but rejected a similar one from the USA leading many to suspect that her political machinations are far from over.


Vanessa Hellstromme

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