Warlord Mu-T'uo Kwan


He is the leader of the self named Kwan Triad. He has also carved out Kwan Province in the prosperous Redland forest region of California, and personally placed the current leader Emperor Joshua Norton I on the throne. Most believe that Emperor Norton I is but a puppet leader, however few can determined why Warlord Kwan would place a white on the throne only to be a mere puppet.

Kwan’s personal army is almost 2000 soldiers strong made up of Chinese immigrant conscripts, outlawsm Mexican expatriates, and Indian braves. To maintain this force General Kwan requires heavy tributes from the towns and settlements with in the Province. He has also begun to push his nation’s borders outward adding more towns to the province which has gained him notice from the other triads.


Warlord Mu-T'uo Kwan

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