Deadlands - Divided States of America

Ghost Town
The phrase "Fate Worse Than Death" is tossed around a lot...

Start of Play – February 11, 1880

  • Party informed by Lacy O’Malley that there is a lead on the whereabouts of Sam Hellman
  • Posse agrees to infiltrate The Rock, and attempt a rescue for Sam, and any other prisoners
  • Lost Angels investigated for information on The Rock – the worst sinners are sent there to be redeemed.
  • Only one mention of an escape, that being a man named Jasper several years ago
  • Allison Shaw asked for information. Mentions she knows of a few Gambling rings that might be able to help, but that everyone – including her – believes in Grimme
  • Investigation interrupted as Luke Watson as to missing children. All vanished from beds, some still missing.
  • Tracks lead into Ghost Town. Dr. Lee whips up heat-resistant gadgets and group heads into Ghost Town.
  • Trevor tracks them to bank, confront and defeat burning zombies. Augustus Klein III finds rare treasure inside bank.
  • Tracks lead to old, mostly intact saloon. Kids inside playing with Will-o-The-Wisp
  • Inside group finds “Ironman” Ike Murray, now dead and insistent he will save children.
  • Augustus almost talks him down, but Ike seems to snap and attack them. Demonstrates flame powers, badly burns Hank Sanders
  • Put down by damage from Fergus O’Brannigan and Augustus. Children rescued.

End of Play

Bullets and Ballots
This is the stupidest democracy yet!

Start of Play – January 22, 1880

  • Notice that Augustus Klein III and Hank Sanders had been elected to the Mayor and Marshall of Perdition respectively.
  • Travel to Perdition to determine cause of election. First meeting with Fergus O’Brannigan
  • Group leaves to investigate town. Dr. Lee refuses to indulge any government business and stays at local Inn
  • Fight broken up between drunken card cheats by Hank and Trevor
  • Augustus and Fergus meet with Luke Watson and Granville Kurtz. Decide to support former, as latter is a garbage fire
  • Vanessa Hellstromme indicates she doesn’t care who wins as long as the town meets its Ghost Rock queries for her. Also indicates she still doesn’t like Ezekiah Grimme
  • Late night intimidation attempt by Kurze’s men broken up through stare-down. And violence.
  • Election overseen, out-of-town voters thrown out by Hank
  • Luke Watson elected Mayor, Kurtz swears vengeance
  • Posse swiftly flees when asked to stay on to oversee election of new Marshall.

End of Play – February 10, 1880

The Wailing Doom
This is the most evil cave yet!

Start of Play – January 6th, 1880

Summary of Events

End of Play – January 22nd, 1880

Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan
Lots of people giving you permission these days!

For I eat ashes as my food and mingle my drink with tears.
–Psalm 102:9

Start of Play – December 31st, 1879

Summary of Events

  • Doctor Lee invents Blast gun – destroys blood rune in Granch Cave
  • Successfully Gyrocoptered to Shan Fan
  • Explorer’s Society burned down, meeting with Long-Haired Tony
  • Meeting with Rutherford Ellington Dillenger. Discussion of kidnapping of Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe
  • Meeting with Big Ears Tam, discussino regarding Explorer’s Society burned down
  • Investigation of Tea House belonging to Tam’s lieutenants, as he did not order any action against Explorer’s Society
  • Old lady intimidated, kung fu masters defeated
  • Captain Pennington-Smythe rescued, but says posse must move quickly to recover stolen amulet.

End of Play – January 5, 1880

How the G Ranch Stole Christmas
Soon to be a popular children's novel!

Prepare me the kind of tasty food I like and bring it to me to eat, so that I may give you my blessing before I die.
–Genesis 27:4

December 22, 1879

Adventure Summary

  • Arrived at Lion’s Roar. Exchanged chest of silver for ghost rock and Confederate dollars. Got a very good deal
  • Heard of developments in Rail Wars – Hellstromme accepts CSA contract, shuns Union
  • Bought tickets on last yearly train to Shan Fan – accompanied by Iron Dragon supplies
  • Stopped in Hooverville for night. Town attacked by bandits.
  • Posse safe, but train attempts to leave. Attacked by unknown green creature and wrecked.
  • Town raided of food, asked to go and retrieve as much as they can without running afoul of gang
  • Goodman Ranch (G Ranch) stablehands fought to the death. Supplies recovered, food still missing
  • Unknown tracks followed to mountain cave. Ambush laid out front, two demon dogs attacked and killed
  • Creature calling itself “Granch” stalks party, seen by Hank but proves immortal
  • Christmas Carols from town weaken the Granch, leaving it mortal. It is heavily killed.
  • Strange rune found of ever growing circle painted in blood. Picture taken.
  • Story told, town pays for special gyrocopter to Shan Fan.

End of Play – December 26, 1879

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The Hunger Spirit
No one is sacrificed today...

Go out to the flock and bring me two choice young goats, so I can prepare some tasty food for your father, just the way he likes it.
–Genesis 27:9

Start of Play – December 20, 1879

Event Summary

  • Doctor Lee informs posse that Joseph Humiger was bitten by their infected horse. Blame is passed around.
  • Augustus Klein III asks around for medical/spiritual help. Identifies two possible avenues
  • Trevor and Augustus seek out Old Lady Edwina. She is unhelpful, but may know more than she sees.
  • Hank Sanders pays Callie Huminger to have her son help him out for the day
  • Doctor Herman Grey shows off his insane experiments involving resurrection. Tells of rumour that the “Faminite plague” appeared here before
  • Trevor stalks Edwina to Marshal Lila Wilt, where the Marshal blames Edwina for this mess.
  • Posse confronts Edwina, admits she had a vision which led someone to a seaside shipwreck. When he returned, he turned into the first Faminite.
  • House of first victim raided, maps discovered, probably shipwreck located.
  • Marshal Wilt convinced to ride with posse to investigate.
  • Shipwreck discovered. Faminites fought.
  • Hunger Spirit emerges. Proves immune to normal gunfire. Doctor Lee has abnormal gunfire and destroys it
  • Those who were infected appear to recover, but existing Faminites remain.

End of Play – December 21, 1879

Setting Out for Shan Fan
Not everything is a zombie. Some are worse.

They will be given over to the sword and become food for jackals.
–Psalm 63:10

Start of Play – December 19, 1879

Event Summary

  • People recover from Ghostfire bomb blast. Witness Shanty Town burning.
  • Lacy and Hank persuaded that there’s no way anyone can be saved, and the heat would kill them.
  • Lacy vows to expose truth, tells posse of Explorer’s Lodge inside of Shan Fan
  • Allison Shaw fills group in on Lost Angels, Grimme’s church
  • Mass attended. George Washington Woolbright says Grimme is alive, negotiating with Hellstromme
  • Posse sets out for Lion’s Roar to catch a coach to Shan Fan. Resupplies at excessive prices.
  • Coach set off for Fellheimer’s Folly, the first stop on the road. Encounters some starving “people”
  • People attack, terrify coach driver and horses
  • Battle ensues. Coach escapes, but Hank and one horse scratched.
  • Augustus identifies creatures as Faminites, things possessed by an evil spirit that spread infection through contact.
  • Pulling into town, the scratched horse looks unhealthy. It is stabled and watched by Doc Lee
  • In morning, Doc Lee falls asleep. Horse bites stableboy.

End of Play – December 20, 1879

Out With a BOOM!
The phrase "Lesser of Two Evils" gets thrown around a lot these days...

They wander about for food and howl if not satisfied.
–Psalm 59:15

Star of Play – December 17, 1879

The Great Rail Wars Are Over!

The Good Intentions proceeded along the Wasatch tracks towards Lost Angels and the conclusion of the Rail Wars, but not without incident. A group of Iron Dragon forces were sent out to oppose them, both by steamcar and autogyro. Doctor Vanessa Hellstromme was markedly unconcerned by these events, trusting in her train’s defenses. Nonetheless, the posse of Augustus Klein III, Content Not Found: doctor-grady-gard, Hank Sanders, and Trevor leapt to action, bravely fighting off the Chinese martial artists that tried to board the train, though not an ill-timed leap leading them off the train, and the steam cars, but towards the ground.

Salvation came in the form of the Hellstromme Automated Recovery Passenger System, a small angel-like automaton which swooped down to retrieve the fallen members, and the attack was fought off. Dr. Hellstrome was quite effusive with praise, while Lacy O’Malley queried them for their version of events. Soon enough though, the train arrived in Lost Angels, and they were greeted by resistance from Ezekiah Grimme and all remaining Rail Barons. Hellstromme asked her new friends to leave to not be caught up in the fight, but before she could get farther a shot from Dixie Rails hit her in the chest and she went down. Hostilities commenced, and as the posse retreated Hank attempted to pull Doctor Hellstromme to safety, only to be waived off as she said she was uninjured and her place was here.

Chilling Secrets of Lost Angels!

Fleeing the battle, Lacy O’Malley asked for the group’s help finding his friend Sam Hellman who hadn’t been heard from in some time. Offering no reward the group agreed – though Doc Lee had reservations. They snuck into the city without too much issue They were forced to avoid packs of Grimme’s enforcers – the Guardian Angels – as they went through the city, and found evidence people seemed to be starving in its streets.

Finding Sam’s room, it seemed neat and abandoned as if no one had ever been in there. Sadly they noticed the receptionist had sold them out, and they were forced to flee without being able to search for clues. Trying to leave the city, they moved to dodge a pack of wounded Lost Angels militia coming back into the city. Watching as a group of Guardian Angels descended on them, the militia asked for help, only to be viciously beaten by the Angels themselves.

Unwilling to stomach this, Hank roared from his hiding place, mocked the Angels, and turned to run for it. Sister Andrea Baird immediately gave chase, and as the rest of the Angels recovered from their shock, the rest of the group opened fire. Though Trevor was the only true combatant among them, the surprise and ranged weapons they had gave them the advantage, and they managed to slay the Angels – though it was a close call for Doc Lee!

Having given Sister Baird the slip, Hank returned, rescued one soldier and rejoined his friend. Sadly the fight had drawn more Angels to the area, As they prepared to run, a mysterious figure in the roofs jetpacked away, luring the Guardian Angels away from them. They managed to quit the city, and the figure met up with them to introduce himself – Luke Pitt of Union Blue. He had been sent in to spy on Wasatch agents, and was thoroughly disgusted with the living conditions of Lost Angels.

A New Age

The posse thanked him for his intervention, but before he could get too deep into what he witnessed, a trio of unmarked blimps were spotted heading towards the battlefield. Luke jetted off to fight them, warning the group of Grimme’s apparently supernatural powers, and the town’s equal part devotion and fear towards him. Making their way towards the Wasatch camp, Lacy was in a fury over what he had seen, and vowed that all countries had to hear of Grimme’s atrocities, and at least Hellstromme was not as bad as Grimme.

Then the blimps dropped their bombs.

Three gigantic clouds shaped equally like mushrooms and skulls roared over the battlefield. Lacy, Hank and Trevor were knocked out by the shock of it. Doctor Lee stayed upright, and witnessed what seemed to be the screams of ghost rock, but they were drowned out by laughter from a source he couldn’t see. Only Augustus kept his composure to look up into the sky and see two gigantic figures illuminated by the light – a woman thin to the point of being skeletal and ragged, screaming at a disease-riddled figure who was laughing in the light.

And then the vision passed, and all that was left… was death.

End of Play – December 19, 1879

The Hellbore
Making history and meeting friends

Is tasteless food eaten without salt, or is there flavor in the white of an egg?
–Job 6:6

Star of Play – December 13, 1879

Summary of Events

  • Train derails while en route to the Maze due to Apache ambush. Indians fought off.
  • Attackers fought off, tunnel in the ground dug to underground railroad
  • Meeting with Charlie BIll Buckner, and promise of safe passage to Wasatch
  • Meeting with Vanessa Hellstromme and Lacy O’Malley
  • Tunnel critters eliminated
  • Hellbore completes its underground journey, syncs up with Wasatch railpost
  • Journey set off for Lost Angels, and destiny.

End of Play – December 17, 1879

Blood Drive: Destination Roswell
An Introduction to the Weird West!

Summary of Events

  • Group became incredibly boerd with Sutter’s flats. Met up with Bill Sutter
  • Roped, broke horses, and fought of Terrantulas
  • Killed Bartholomew Phelps who tried to extort him out of more money
  • Departed for Roswell, New Mexico
  • Spotted and defeated ambush led by Black Dog, rail warriors and zombies.
  • Made it to Roswell, investigated strange light from a spy
  • Met miraculously alive man who had been attacked, killed him when he got violent
  • Interrogated by Wasatch Industries on suspicion of espionage
  • Several moments of hilarity during mind-reading interrogation
  • Released, but fort would not buy cattle. Decision made to head to Disputed Territories.

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