Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Rattlesnake Grotto
The Necessity Alliance offers its aid...

Start of Play – March 27, 1880

  • Posse finds many deceased Natives on the trail up to the mesa with the Necessity Alliance
  • Dr Lee hides so as not to inflict terrible Charisma on negotiations. Augustus Klein III appreciates it, and talks their way in past Eyes Like Fire
  • Group meets with Stalks The Night who informs them that the Alliance was attacked by the Rattlesnake Clan, and all older shamans were kidnapped or killed
  • Hank Sanders renders medical assistance to the injured and does very well, earning a lot of goodwill.
  • Augustus and Fergus O’Brannigan attempts to interrogate prisoner. She bites Augustus, requiring medical aid from Cold Burning Shadow
  • Trevor had his perfectly reasonable suggestion to harvest venom from the dead prisoners refused.
  • Necessity Alliance agrees to attack Rattlesnake Clan to buy time for rescue of Born in a Bowl
  • During preparation, Cold Burning Shadow warns Hank that Eyes Like Fire cannot be trusted.
  • Party muses that their names are inferior compared to Necessity Alliance
  • Captain Jennings sets off for Grotto. Eyes Like Shadow explains power difference in Necessity Alliance
  • Cave infiltrated. Room with straw and burlap dolls encountered. Hank prevented from setting fire to them.
  • Room with barely-living creatures encountered. Hank attempts to save, they attempt to swallow their soul. He is saved, though he and Fergus both are exhausted by the attempt
  • Fergus discovers Blood Runes inscribed on the bodies of the prisoners that weren’t exploded.
  • Captured prisoner found, jailer explodes into rattlesnakes, which charge…

End of Play – March 29, 1880

The Trail Leads North
The path to the Necessity Alliance is taken

Start of Play – March 4, 1880

  • Encampment of the Necessity Alliance is located

End of Play – March 27, 1880

Waiting for the Horror
Can't we ever have something nice in this world?

Start of Play – March 1, 1880

  • Dinner concludes with Emperor Joshua Norton I. He discusses his dreams of Floods, and how they are sent to punish the wicked.

End of Play – March 3, 1880

The Blood Red Woods
This is why people hate the outdoors

Start of Play – February 18, 1880

  • Party bids farewell to Lacy O’Malley, who gets them passage to Kwan Province for rehabilitation of Job Hogleg Dunston and Sam Hellman.
  • Journey to Silent Summit uneventful, but coach forbidden from moving any further. Dr. Lee indicates that there is a breakdown in immigration process.
  • Investigation by Augustus Klein III and Trevor finds that governor is missing from settlement
  • Fergus O’Brannigan learns that Warlord Kwan deals with intruders very harshly on his lands, and has been actively hiring new merecenaries.
  • Hank Sanders gets himself hired as a lumberjack. Lots of job openings apparently.
  • Posse, minus Dr. Lee, heads out to the woods to look for missing lumberjacks. Discover abandoned, barricaded cabin.
  • Cabin infiltrated via ceiling. All barricades still intact, but weapons thrown about and some blood on floor.
  • Unfinished basement has heavily churned soil, but no sign of bodies after Trevor and Hank dig.
  • Augustus discovers a petroglyph drawn in one of the miner’s diaries, runs outside to look for rock formation, attacked by tree roots.
  • Posse chases after injured tree roots which appear to be leaking blood. Discover giant, blood red oak tree.
  • Tree ambushes party, fight ensues. Governor’s group discovered to be alive. Augustus puts down tree which bursts into blood and rotted flesh.
  • Missing lumberjacks discovered buried, with saplings growing out of their chests.
  • Tree Petroglyph discovered in crevasse under giant tree and destroyed
  • Group allowed to pass through, meet Emperor Joshua Norton I and Warlord Kwan. Emperor Norton begins singing about Noah and the Flood.

End of Play – March 1, 1880

The Rock
The truth of the church is laid bare...

Start of Play – February 14, 1880

  • Decision made to bring dynamite to The Rock. Never hurts.
  • Distraction by pirates arranged by Lacy O’Malley, group infiltrates Rock.
  • Sewage pipe filled with human remains. Trevor quickly prevents torrent of human waste from landing on Dr. Lee
  • Initial infiltration sees Trevor killing patrolling scientist to keep cover
  • Augustus Klein III and Fergus O’Brannigan discover human slaughterhouse. Bluff their way past a “snacking” guard
  • Dr. Lee invents way to clean smell of sewer off of them. Proceed to cells. Bluff their way past guard.
  • Prisoners identified: Sam Hellman, Charlie Bill Buckner, Job Hogleg Dunston, Vixen Tucker
  • Hank Sanders murders guard when Charley Buckner recognises posse.
  • Sam reports that Elders of Grimme are “monsters”, tells party to warn.
  • In sub-basement, find 13 suites for the Elders. Investigate, but ambushed by Andrea Baird. Baird killed after a skirmish, dissolves into ash.
  • Key retrieved from her clothing, and posse flees the way they came.
  • Vixen stays behind to detonate ghost rock boiler in Lighthouse, cripple The Rock
  • Mysterious storm prevents fire from spreading to bulk of the island.
  • Sam informs group about the Necessity Alliance – a group of Shamans dedicated to defeating Grimme.

End of Play – February 15, 1880

Ghost Town
The phrase "Fate Worse Than Death" is tossed around a lot...

Start of Play – February 11, 1880

  • Party informed by Lacy O’Malley that there is a lead on the whereabouts of Sam Hellman
  • Posse agrees to infiltrate The Rock, and attempt a rescue for Sam, and any other prisoners
  • Lost Angels investigated for information on The Rock – the worst sinners are sent there to be redeemed.
  • Only one mention of an escape, that being a man named Jasper several years ago
  • Allison Shaw asked for information. Mentions she knows of a few Gambling rings that might be able to help, but that everyone – including her – believes in Grimme
  • Investigation interrupted as Luke Watson as to missing children. All vanished from beds, some still missing.
  • Tracks lead into Ghost Town. Dr. Lee whips up heat-resistant gadgets and group heads into Ghost Town.
  • Trevor tracks them to bank, confront and defeat burning zombies. Augustus Klein III finds rare treasure inside bank.
  • Tracks lead to old, mostly intact saloon. Kids inside playing with Will-o-The-Wisp
  • Inside group finds “Ironman” Ike Murray, now dead and insistent he will save children.
  • Augustus almost talks him down, but Ike seems to snap and attack them. Demonstrates flame powers, badly burns Hank Sanders
  • Put down by damage from Fergus O’Brannigan and Augustus. Children rescued.

End of Play

Bullets and Ballots
This is the stupidest democracy yet!

Start of Play – January 22, 1880

  • Notice that Augustus Klein III and Hank Sanders had been elected to the Mayor and Marshall of Perdition respectively.
  • Travel to Perdition to determine cause of election. First meeting with Fergus O’Brannigan
  • Group leaves to investigate town. Dr. Lee refuses to indulge any government business and stays at local Inn
  • Fight broken up between drunken card cheats by Hank and Trevor
  • Augustus and Fergus meet with Luke Watson and Granville Kurtz. Decide to support former, as latter is a garbage fire
  • Vanessa Hellstromme indicates she doesn’t care who wins as long as the town meets its Ghost Rock queries for her. Also indicates she still doesn’t like Ezekiah Grimme
  • Late night intimidation attempt by Kurze’s men broken up through stare-down. And violence.
  • Election overseen, out-of-town voters thrown out by Hank
  • Luke Watson elected Mayor, Kurtz swears vengeance
  • Posse swiftly flees when asked to stay on to oversee election of new Marshall.

End of Play – February 10, 1880

The Wailing Doom
This is the most evil cave yet!

Start of Play – January 6th, 1880

Summary of Events

End of Play – January 22nd, 1880

Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan
Lots of people giving you permission these days!

For I eat ashes as my food and mingle my drink with tears.
–Psalm 102:9

Start of Play – December 31st, 1879

Summary of Events

  • Doctor Lee invents Blast gun – destroys blood rune in Granch Cave
  • Successfully Gyrocoptered to Shan Fan
  • Explorer’s Society burned down, meeting with Long-Haired Tony
  • Meeting with Rutherford Ellington Dillenger. Discussion of kidnapping of Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe
  • Meeting with Big Ears Tam, discussino regarding Explorer’s Society burned down
  • Investigation of Tea House belonging to Tam’s lieutenants, as he did not order any action against Explorer’s Society
  • Old lady intimidated, kung fu masters defeated
  • Captain Pennington-Smythe rescued, but says posse must move quickly to recover stolen amulet.

End of Play – January 5, 1880

How the G Ranch Stole Christmas
Soon to be a popular children's novel!

Prepare me the kind of tasty food I like and bring it to me to eat, so that I may give you my blessing before I die.
–Genesis 27:4

December 22, 1879

Adventure Summary

  • Arrived at Lion’s Roar. Exchanged chest of silver for ghost rock and Confederate dollars. Got a very good deal
  • Heard of developments in Rail Wars – Hellstromme accepts CSA contract, shuns Union
  • Bought tickets on last yearly train to Shan Fan – accompanied by Iron Dragon supplies
  • Stopped in Hooverville for night. Town attacked by bandits.
  • Posse safe, but train attempts to leave. Attacked by unknown green creature and wrecked.
  • Town raided of food, asked to go and retrieve as much as they can without running afoul of gang
  • Goodman Ranch (G Ranch) stablehands fought to the death. Supplies recovered, food still missing
  • Unknown tracks followed to mountain cave. Ambush laid out front, two demon dogs attacked and killed
  • Creature calling itself “Granch” stalks party, seen by Hank but proves immortal
  • Christmas Carols from town weaken the Granch, leaving it mortal. It is heavily killed.
  • Strange rune found of ever growing circle painted in blood. Picture taken.
  • Story told, town pays for special gyrocopter to Shan Fan.

End of Play – December 26, 1879

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