13 Elders


Grimme’s 13 most trusted servants are collectively known as the Elders of the Church of Lost Angels. Their enemies call them “Grimme’s ghouls.” Every one of them was with Grimme when the Great Quake ripped through California, and now they form the inner circle of the church.

Each one is a powerful member in California, and Lost Angels in particular. They appear to possess a type of immortality where when they are killed, their body bursts into ash – a process from which they apparently come back to life later.


  • Andrea Baird – Leader of the Guardian Angels, and Grimme’s right-hand-woman.Andrea dwells in Lost Angels, where she keeps the cult’s hierarchy working smoothly. Her knife was stolen by Trevor
  • Michael Coulter: One of Grimme’s “Archangels,” Coulter is responsible for the western half of Lost Angels.
  • Gabriel Fannon: Fannon is the gunslinging Archangel who runs the eastern half of Lost Angels. He’s hell-on-wheels with a firearm.
  • Father Darren Ambrose: Darren Ambrose of Pennsylvania is a veteran of the Civil War, where he served as an artillery commander. He fought at Gettysburg, saw what happened there, lost an arm, and ain’t been right in the head since. Ambrose minds the graveyard at Jehosaphat Valley.
  • Lt. Commander Horace Mosely: Horace Mosely was a sailor in the Confederate Navy, and saw a laundry list of terrible things before the Reckoning even hit.
  • Caroline DeCarlo: Once a soiled dove, Caroline’s in charge of visiting “ladies’ boarding houses” up and down the coast, where she reforms young prostitutes.
  • Vertiline Grindle: Vertiline’s past is marked by prolonged episodes of serial larceny. Whenever Grimme needs to acquire something real quiet-like, he calls upon Grindle to get it.
  • Ernie Miller: Ernie runs the Lost Angels Chamber of Commerce. He’s a nervous, high-strung man who never fully recovered from the ordeal of the Great Quake.
  • Daniel Rotten-Belly: When Daniel arrived at Grimme’s church he was a recidivist evildoer seeking redemption. These days Daniel teaches the Guardian Angels how to fight, but he prefers to wander the Maze when there’s no training to be done
  • George Washington Woolbright: The church’s chief missionary, George travels up and down Famine’s realm, bringing the Word of Grimme to downtrodden people everywhere.
  • Lilly Spratt: Grimme believes children are the future, so he appointed Lilly to make sure the young ’uns of Lost Angels receive a “proper” education at the L.A. schoolhouse.
  • Mordecai Noss: Once a rancher, Mordecai is now a land baron of sorts. He travels the Weird West seeking places to build new chapels.
  • Darcy Wardlow: Darcy is a master negotiator with a weakness for poker. He came to Grimme’s ranch for the dry air, which is said to help tuberculosis symptoms. Now he lives in L.A. and serves as official church Liaison to the Wasatch Rail Company.

13 Elders

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