Blood Runes


There are a number of strange symbols etched into rock scattered across The Maze. They appear to be painted with blood, and yet they glow with an eldritch light. Though off-putting, they also seem to be simply paintings on the wall, and easily destroyed with enough force.

They were identified by Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe as a Petroglyph, and Rutherford Ellington Dillenger noted that they both bear spiral with a lightning bolt, recognised as the Petroglyph for Earthquake in them.

Located Runes

Greed Rune


Discovered in the Granch Cave. It was Destroyed by Dr. Lee at the behest of the party. It was identified as containing the petroglyph for Greed, and appears to have been responsible for creating the Granch.

Rune of Strength


Discovered in the Wailing Doom Cave. It was Destroyed by Augustus Klein III. It contains the petroglyph for Strength, and was defended by a creature of the Earth with incredible strength.

Tree Rune


Located within the forests of Kwan Province, it produced a giant blood oak that fed on corpses to spawn its own children. The tree was killed to unveil the blood rune underneath its roots, which was destroyed by Augustus Klein III

Unlocated Runes

Buffalo Rune

Located near where a river pours off of a cliff, into a small lake

Angel Rune

Located deep under ground, marked by two great pillars with something chained between them

Dragon Rune

Located somewhere in the Maze, where the roar of dragons can be heard

Shaman Rune

Located underneath an abandoned mansion

Spirit Rune

Located on an island on the outskirts of a large town

Corpse Rune

Located deep inside of a graveyard

Wheel Rune

Located underneath a great factory

Egg Rune

Located in a pile of debris underground

Wind Rune

Located in a cave where the winds blow strong

Warrior Rune

Located underneath a large battlefield.

Blood Runes

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