Fellheimer's Folly


Not too far from Lion’s Roar is an extremely tall, narrow island that looks something like a spike jutting into the air. Appropriately enough, everyone used to call it “the Spike,” but a few years ago it acquired a new name, “Fellheimer’s Folly,” after its new owner Augustus “Gus” Fellheimer.
Fellheimer was a German immigrant who came to the Great Maze seeking his fortune in 1877.

No one had ever tried to mine the Spike, because its size and shape made any such activities impractical, if not downright impossible. But Gus was sweet on the property, so he staked a claim with the Rockies and got to work chipping away at it. He found more than enough ghost rock to keep himself alive, and the Spike gained its new name from snide prospectors who laughed behind Gus’ back.

Modern Day

The town of Fellheimer’s Folly grew up around the wealth and the mad genius of Augustus Fellheimer. It has a population of roughly 500 regular citizens, and even has a small port constructed by Augustus making it a popular refuelling place outside of Chinese influence.

It suffered an outbreak of Faminites about a year ago, followed by another near-outbreak that was only kept in check by the actions of the posse.

Fellheimer's Folly

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