The bombs have fallen, and the Battle of Lost Angels has been won.

East of the docks of Lost Angels, on the high and somewhat unstable cliffs overlooking the city, Hellstromme founded a new company town officially called “Ore Collection Station #37.” Since it overlooks the smoldering ruins of Ghost Town, which will continue to burn with ghost rock for the next several decades, people have come to call the new town Perdition, because “it’s one step up from Hell.”

Town Information

Rapidly growing, the posse was elected deputy Mayor and Marshall for a time, but is now run by Luke Watson. With the ever-burning reminder of Ghost Town on their western border, the town is a tense area, but Mayor Watson is sworn to trying to keep his town as free of influence from both Hellstromme and Ezekiah Grimme as much as possible in order to serve the people.


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