Deadlands - Divided States of America

Ghost Town

The phrase "Fate Worse Than Death" is tossed around a lot...

Start of Play – February 11, 1880

  • Party informed by Lacy O’Malley that there is a lead on the whereabouts of Sam Hellman
  • Posse agrees to infiltrate The Rock, and attempt a rescue for Sam, and any other prisoners
  • Lost Angels investigated for information on The Rock – the worst sinners are sent there to be redeemed.
  • Only one mention of an escape, that being a man named Jasper several years ago
  • Allison Shaw asked for information. Mentions she knows of a few Gambling rings that might be able to help, but that everyone – including her – believes in Grimme
  • Investigation interrupted as Luke Watson as to missing children. All vanished from beds, some still missing.
  • Tracks lead into Ghost Town. Dr. Lee whips up heat-resistant gadgets and group heads into Ghost Town.
  • Trevor tracks them to bank, confront and defeat burning zombies. Augustus Klein III finds rare treasure inside bank.
  • Tracks lead to old, mostly intact saloon. Kids inside playing with Will-o-The-Wisp
  • Inside group finds “Ironman” Ike Murray, now dead and insistent he will save children.
  • Augustus almost talks him down, but Ike seems to snap and attack them. Demonstrates flame powers, badly burns Hank Sanders
  • Put down by damage from Fergus O’Brannigan and Augustus. Children rescued.

End of Play


Erathia Erathia

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