Deadlands - Divided States of America

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

The critical time comes round at last

Start of Play – October 28, 1876

  • Infiltration of The Rock commences. Slaughterhouse, meat locker, and kitchens discovered. Initial discovery prevented by Marcus Kraus
  • Cell block discovered in basement level. Guard knocked out by Nikita Williams, but determined Jasper Stone was not present.
  • Moved into Sub-Basement. Discovery of blood-stained altar and hidden door, which key from Old Pete fits. Exploration continued.
  • Bedchambers belonging to 13 Elders. Investigation debated, but rejected due to time constraints.
  • Meeting room for Elders found. Roy Barker and Cedric J. Northington witness horrible murals inside composed of human remains. Forbid others from entering
  • Beyond hidden door find Grimme’s throne room, decorated by bones, and Grimme’s art studio, decorated with organs.
  • Grimme’s laboratory has a single cell in which Jasper Stone is bound by magic. Freed, and escape begins.
  • Prisoners in upper cell levels unable to be rescued. Marcus passes gun along to one prisoner to use on Grimme.
  • Old Pete escorts group to a nearby warehouse in a very circuitious fashion. Arrive just before dawn.
  • Group leaves to steal Heart of Darkness from Reverend Grimme in aftermath of upcoming church service.
  • Demons from Hell interrupt church service, Cedric determines this is all a play staged by Grimme, but the death is real. In the confusion, Old Pete steals the diamond.
  • In aftermath, Old Pete gives the diamond to Stone and vanishes. Stone “thanks” the group by giving them a two day head start before he hunts them down.
  • Train caught out of town. On board, party confronted by Jackie Wells who claims to be from 2094 and sent back to retrieve Heart of Darkness for the Vanessa Hellstromme of her time.

End of Play – October 30, 1876


Erathia Erathia

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