Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Rock

The truth of the church is laid bare...

Start of Play – February 14, 1880

  • Decision made to bring dynamite to The Rock. Never hurts.
  • Distraction by pirates arranged by Lacy O’Malley, group infiltrates Rock.
  • Sewage pipe filled with human remains. Trevor quickly prevents torrent of human waste from landing on Dr. Lee
  • Initial infiltration sees Trevor killing patrolling scientist to keep cover
  • Augustus Klein III and Fergus O’Brannigan discover human slaughterhouse. Bluff their way past a “snacking” guard
  • Dr. Lee invents way to clean smell of sewer off of them. Proceed to cells. Bluff their way past guard.
  • Prisoners identified: Sam Hellman, Charlie Bill Buckner, Job Hogleg Dunston, Vixen Tucker
  • Hank Sanders murders guard when Charley Buckner recognises posse.
  • Sam reports that Elders of Grimme are “monsters”, tells party to warn.
  • In sub-basement, find 13 suites for the Elders. Investigate, but ambushed by Andrea Baird. Baird killed after a skirmish, dissolves into ash.
  • Key retrieved from her clothing, and posse flees the way they came.
  • Vixen stays behind to detonate ghost rock boiler in Lighthouse, cripple The Rock
  • Mysterious storm prevents fire from spreading to bulk of the island.
  • Sam informs group about the Necessity Alliance – a group of Shamans dedicated to defeating Grimme.

End of Play – February 15, 1880


Erathia Erathia

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