Deadlands - Divided States of America

How to Make Friends and Murder Enemies

One down, twelve to go...

Start of Play – April 7, 1880

  • Dr. Lee attempts to heal automaton. Somehow that “science” repairs the “robot”
  • Hank successfully reconnects automaton’s voice box. Identifies himself as father, who thought he had been “wounded” in an accident
  • Hellstromme convoy spotted off in the distance, likely to try and reclaim missing property
  • Trevor sets ambush, while Augustus goes out to negotiate with Hellstromme
  • Leveraging past work with Hellstromme, collection agency dissuaded from search.
  • Automaton left behind, blood rune claimed by Fergus.
  • Return to Shan Fan for shopping, investigation into further runes.
  • Ambush plotted by Andrea Baird ensares Augusts, Trevor and Hank.
  • Group survives, but Hank critically wounded and fight draws attention of the Shan Fan Triad, who arrest the group and take them to see Big Ears Tam

End of Play – April 11, 1880
Time to Church Gathering: 134 Days


Erathia Erathia

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