Deadlands - Divided States of America

Hunting for Blood Runes

With the scope raised, a mission of destruction must change...

Start of Play – March 31st, 1880

  • Recap made to the leaders of the New Tomorrow Triad regarding the truth of Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, and the quest to reclaim the Blood Runes
  • Elders promise to investigate. Mention the city of Dragonstone, where a tame Maze Dragon can be found, possibly related to the Dragon rune
  • Return trip made to Shan Fan to check in with Explorer’s Society
  • Island nearby Shan Fan matches the vision given to them earlier, another Rune suspected to be there.
  • Rutherford Ellington Dillenger has also located two more Runes from the Explorer’s Society, and that the island is owned by Big Ears Tam who punishes trespassers
  • Dillinger also gives a telegram from Lacy O’Malley that Andrea Baird has taken Guardian Angels on a trip North.
  • Rune to the East of Shan Fan sought as it is the closest to their location. Edgar Thornby re-hired to escort them to search the area.
  • Team splits into two. Contacts two ranches, the Conway and the Hester ranches.
  • Hank Sanders and Trevor locate a crashed train in the middle of the desert that the group decides to investigate the next day
  • At night, Fergus O’Brannigan and Dr. Lee successfully help to fight off a group of Gyonshee – Chinese vampires
  • In the morning, the train is a crashed, experimental Wasatch train, with Black River operatives lying dead nearby. Other than the dead conductor, no other Wasatch personnel found
  • Tracks found leading away to another group of dead Witches. Augustus Klein III finds indication of a collapse into a fissure – a likely hiding spot for a Rune
  • Daniel Conway found spying on them nearby. Afraid they’re going to take his injured father away from them. Half of group goes to talk to father, other half goes into cave.
  • Fergus and Hank descend into the Cave to find the Rune of Soul buried under the ground
  • Remainder of the group meet Daniel’s father – a Hellstromme Automaton that seems to be acting as if it was once alive…

End of Play – April 7th, 1880

Time to Church Gathering: 138 Days


Erathia Erathia

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