Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Birth of Reverend Grimme

The Rattlesnakes are defeated, and the past is exposed.

Start of play – March 29, 1880

  • Papa Rattlesnake defeated after a large battle, involving many snake shaped enemies and puns
  • Cold Burning Shadow killed after trying to kill Born in a Bowl
  • Doctor Lee and Hank Sanders manage to stabilize Born in a Bowl
  • Upon returning to Necessity Alliance, Born in a Bowl prepares a vision quest to contact the spirit of her sister
  • Spirit Quest accepted by all, taken back to pre-Great Quake California, inside of Grimme’s church in then-standing Los Angeles
  • Group immediately experiences the Great Quake, sending them into the ocean
  • Relive a few days of starvation, Reverend Grimme attempts to keep group from descending into cannibalism to survive
  • War breaks out between faithful and unfaithful. In the end the 13 Elders who are pro-cannibalism and Grimme, who remains opposed, survive
  • Elders eat Grimme, then most of the other survivors.
  • Elders sleep, and are awoken by Famine, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse who turn them into her Servitors – chosen agents on this plane of existance
  • Famine resurrects Grimme as a vessel for the Elders’ souls, as long as he lives they cannot truly die, and as long as they live he is immortal.
  • Famine uses the dying energy of the remaining souls to seed the land with Ghost Rock, to draw people to this place
  • Vision ends. Sees Far Ahead informs them that the Blood Runes are bindings on Earth spirits, and if claimed they will seek vengeance on Grimme.
  • Group returns to present day, terrified.

End of play – March 31, 1880


Erathia Erathia

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