Deadlands - Divided States of America

The Rattlesnake Grotto

The Necessity Alliance offers its aid...

Start of Play – March 27, 1880

  • Posse finds many deceased Natives on the trail up to the mesa with the Necessity Alliance
  • Dr Lee hides so as not to inflict terrible Charisma on negotiations. Augustus Klein III appreciates it, and talks their way in past Eyes Like Fire
  • Group meets with Stalks The Night who informs them that the Alliance was attacked by the Rattlesnake Clan, and all older shamans were kidnapped or killed
  • Hank Sanders renders medical assistance to the injured and does very well, earning a lot of goodwill.
  • Augustus and Fergus O’Brannigan attempts to interrogate prisoner. She bites Augustus, requiring medical aid from Cold Burning Shadow
  • Trevor had his perfectly reasonable suggestion to harvest venom from the dead prisoners refused.
  • Necessity Alliance agrees to attack Rattlesnake Clan to buy time for rescue of Born in a Bowl
  • During preparation, Cold Burning Shadow warns Hank that Eyes Like Fire cannot be trusted.
  • Party muses that their names are inferior compared to Necessity Alliance
  • Captain Jennings sets off for Grotto. Eyes Like Shadow explains power difference in Necessity Alliance
  • Cave infiltrated. Room with straw and burlap dolls encountered. Hank prevented from setting fire to them.
  • Room with barely-living creatures encountered. Hank attempts to save, they attempt to swallow their soul. He is saved, though he and Fergus both are exhausted by the attempt
  • Fergus discovers Blood Runes inscribed on the bodies of the prisoners that weren’t exploded.
  • Captured prisoner found, jailer explodes into rattlesnakes, which charge…

End of Play – March 29, 1880


Erathia Erathia

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