Lost Angels


The Free and Holy City of Lost Angels stands guard at The Great Maze’s gates. The only channel that is both deep and wide enough to the Pacific from the interior of the Maze is found here in Prosperity Bay. The city rest of a sort of shelf beneath the hills leading into the high desert to the east.

To enter the city port there is a fee of $0.25 a person. To enter one of Lost Angels’ two main gates one has to be: a member of Church of Lost Angels, profess they want to become a member, guests of members in good standing, or those with special trade permits. There isn’t a fee but a solemn promise to abide by Grimm’s laws is expected to be uttered.

The city is laid out according to the Reverend’s celestial vision. Grimme is obsessed with numerology, so you can bet that every street has its number.

There are six circles. The numbering starts at the first ring from the plaza surrounding Grimme’s immense cathedral. If you live on this circle, your address is 108 First Circle, or whatever.

Spoking out from the circles are 12 avenues. So you might live at 315 Ninth Avenue, or at the corner of Third Circle and Sixth Avenue. Then there are the Streets, which are situated in the western half of the city. Each of them terminates in a pier. There are six of these as well.

Zoning regulations are strictly enforced and arbitrarily determined. When you want to build in the City of Lost Angels or apply for a change in the by-laws which say what kind of business you can do where, you need to know that the rules were drawn up by Grimme according to obscure numerological principles. He says that the city has to be in absolute balance for the Second Coming.

Grimme doesn’t like too much of one sort of business in any one area, which can be mighty inconvenient. But the city isn’t set up for the convenience of earthly business. It’s a spiritual place, you see. If a shipping or mining magnate wants to take advantage of the port, he has to play by Grimme’s rules. The tycoons are very jealous of their competitors up in freewheeling Shan Fan, where the power of a rich man is still respected. Here, the wealthy are continually being reminded of that camel and eye of the needle.

Places of Note:

Lost Angels

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