The Golden Circle


The Golden Circle holds the homes and shops which sit within the innermost ring of the city closest to the cathedral. This is area is home to the richest and most influential inhabitants of the city. Most of the Rockies’ council have houses here. This area is patrolled almost exclusively by the Guardian Angels.

Points of Interest

  • City Hall: One of the larger buildings found in Lost Angels this building houses the city’s administrative offices. The Mayor’s office is located here.
  • Dr. Bernard Grimme Memorial Hospital: This large, wedge shaped building is situated at the two o’ clock position on the Golden Circle, right next door to Grimme Manor. The place was named for Reverend Grimme’s father, a doctor who was killed in the Great Quake, supposedly while trying to rescue injured folks from the big hospital in Los Angeles, whatever the Hell the name of it was.
    The hospital’s always open, day or night, and it takes in any member of the church, regardless of ability to pay. It’s run by the church, and the staff’s salaries are paid for out of the church’s coffers. Since the Edict, outsiders are not welcome here.
  • Greater Maze Rock Miners Association Headquarters: The building itself is in the Golden Circle on the wedge of land between 4th and 5th Streets. Copies of all claims filed in the Maze are kept here. A small staff works there daily, logging new claims and processing shipping records.
  • Joshua Lumme’s Home: This is one of the few mansions located in Lost Angels owned by one of the Rockies council of Twelve who lives in the city.
  • Leo Popoff’s Home: This is one of the few mansions located in Lost Angels owned by one of the Rockies council of Twelve who lives in the city. Popoff’s place is located on Fourth Street,
    right across from the Rectory. Some folks would fear to constantly live in the shadows of the Guardian Angels, but not Leo. As a matter of fact, more than one Guardian Angel has expressed a bit of dismay about having to sleep in the Bear’s shadow.
  • Lost Angels Primary School #1: This was the first school built to educate the children of the Lost Angels.
  • Lost Angels Seminary:
  • Paul Deauville’s Home: This is one of the few mansions located in Lost Angels owned by one of the Rockies council of Twelve who lives in the city.
  • The Theater of Lost Angels: This concert hall sits at the four o’ clock position on the Golden Circle, in a large, wedge-shaped building that went up before even the cathedral. While Grimme was waiting for the cathedral to be finished, he actually used to hold services here in the auditorium, with his altar directly on center stage.

Since then, the place has actually hosted several international touring companies featuring some of the best plays and operas from Europe and Back East. Local productions fill the seats in between the larger engagements, of which there haven’t been any since the Edict.

  • Throop College of Technology: This building at the six o’ clock position on the Golden Circle was a budding institution of higher learning until the Edict came down. Soon after that, it was shut up tighter than one of those giant clams they pull out of the Maze every so often.

The place was run by Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, one of the leaders in the “new” sciences, specializing in the refinement of ghost rock into even purer and more powerful fuel sources. The college was named for Dr. Everett D. Throop, one of the pioneers in the field of ghost-rock research. Lowe and his students left town just ahead of a bonfire prepared especially for himself and those who subscribed to his “witchery.” There are rumors that the college is still occupied by a mechanical man left behind by the scientist, but as far as is known, the place stands empty.

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The Golden Circle

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