The Traders Quarter


The Traders’ Quarter is the area between the Waterfront and the Golden Circle. It’s bounded in the south by the Spanish Quarter. This area has the largest concentration of shops and businesses—including some upscale saloons and hotels—in the city. Many of the smaller shippers, merchants, and mine owners have homes in this area.

Points of Interest

  • Billings Hotel: This is a blocky adobe building with a small single story addition placed at the rear of the lot. The rooms here are decent and clean used mostly by traveling merchants selling their wares in the city.
  • Dr. Patashine’s Ingenious Elevating Device Company: This is the commercial headquarters for the most successful mesa elevator and lift used in the Great Maze. The company building is one of the larger structures in the Trader’s Quarter and is located nearer the Waterfront. The elevators and lifts components are assembled on premises before they are shipped out by watercraft to the company’s customers all cross the Maze for installation. As a successful money making venture, the company is well connected the Church of Lost Angels and well patrolled by the Guardian Angels.
  • The Factories: The Traders’ Quarter is lousy with factories, many of which belch filth into the hazy Maze sky. It’s not quite as bad as Salt Lake City (okay, it’s not nearly that bad), but when you walk through this part of the City of Lost Angels, you know you’re in a city.
    Since LA is geographically cut off from much of the rest of the world, you can find all sorts of different factories here: tanners, smelters, haberdashers, weavers, and so on
  • The Lost Angels Times: The Lost Angels Times is the excuse for a newspaper they publish in these parts. Some days I ache to see a proper New York Times again, but until they manage to get cross- continental delivery down pat, I’m stuck with the End Times, as the locals call this rag.

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The Traders Quarter

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