Legend Chips


A Legend chip is when the posse has confronted a massive evil, and not only triumphed over it, but lived to tell the tale. Making sure to tell the tale is essential, as it reassures people not only is there evil in the world, but that it is defeatable.


A Legend Chip, once earned, sits in a nebulous state that can be spent at any point. You can spend a Legend Chip in one of the following two ways

  1. The party can cash it in to have one player replace their drawn Initiative card as a Joker. You will receive the customary +2 to whatever roll you make, including damage, for that roll. Only one person will receive this Joker replacement.
  2. The party can cash in a legend chip so all characters receive a bonus Experience point

The Flood

Earned Legend Chips

The Hellbore

  • Earned: Telling the tale of Hellstrome’s fantastical journey, as well as the creatures defeated along the way and the horrors faced right up to the Battle of Lost Angels took a terrifying event, and at least made it relatable.
  • Spent: Not yet spent.

The Hunger Spirit

  • Earned: The Hunger Spirit that lurked inside of the old Chinese junk which spawned the Faminites was a plague on the rest. It was slain by the actions of the party, and burned to unrecognisable goop by Doctor Lee.
  • Spent: Spent for +1 Party Experience

The Wailing Doom

  • Earned: The Wailing Doom was a cave thought to be haunted a handful of miles north of Shan Fan. Inside was an Earth spirit bound to the cave that would murder anyone who entered. It was slain through the actions of the posse, and the cave the dynamited to make sure.
  • Spent: Not yet spent

Ghost Town

  • Earned: Ike Murray used his powers to convince the children of Perdition to wander into Ghost Town. The Posse entered the town in order to rescue the children, slew Murray, and rescued all of the children.
  • Spent: Not yet spent

Legend Chips

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