The Tale of Jasper

From the mouth of Lacy O’Malley

Fellas, Doctor, you might be wondering about the jailbreak from the Rock. Way I heard it told, a posse from out of town rolled in one Saturday night and broke a fella by the name of “Jasper” out of the Rock. Information on that is hard to come by since it’s a bit of an embarrassment to Reverend Grimme, especially since that’d mean he’d have to admit the place was a prison in the first place.

I’m not sure if it happened during the night or the day, but I do know the other reason no one talks about it is that the next day was “Bloody Sunday” itself. Word around town is Reverend Grimme was giving one of his fire and damnation speeches, when actual demons from Hell burst in and started slaughtering the congregation left, right and centre. The biggest and meanest of them went for the Reverend himself, and there was quite a battle between the two. Grimme called down the power of the Lord, or the power of something at any rate, and banished the demon and all his friends straight back to Hell.

In the aftermath those that survived fell in love with Grimme, and it was the start of what turned the Church into the all-consuming force that it is today. I only cottoned onto the story about Jasper when I heard that Grimme was looking into hiring someone to patch up a hole in the Rock and you know how that one goes.

I’ve hired a few members of the Explorer’s Society to try and track down Jasper, and then when they never came back some less than savoury sorts who I wouldn’t mind not coming back, and I’m sorry to say they didn’t neither. I gave up because it seems like a fool’s errand, so whoever this Jasper character is I’ll crack that mystery one day myself.

The Tale of Jasper

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